(What you need to know)

Image of Tom and Dan from Iron Town - Top Cover Bands in Grand Rapids Michigan


To us, Iron Town means Anytown USA. We play popular songs that people know and love, and if you ask for an unknown song by some indie band… fugettaboutit! We give the people what they want: a fun night on the town… the Iron Town. (See what we did there.)


First, we promise to give you (bar owners, event coordinators, mothers of the bride, etc) full control of the master volume. We have a great sound system (and lighting system), and we’re happy to turn the volume up or down. Just let us know. Second, we will work with you to understand the goals of your event, and then we will structure everything to meet those goals. We will match our energy level to the style of your event, from full-on rock band to fun background music. It’s your call. Third Promise: we promise not to ramble on and on between songs (because it’s super annoying).

Image of Wedding Reception Bands in Lansing Michigan Area - Iron Town


Hey, this is Tom. I grew up singing and playing guitar. Music was always a big part of the family. My first band was way back in high school where I was the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist (interestingly, Dan Wait was the keyboardist in that band). I’ve written and recorded five albums of original songs with various bands, and I have a degree in Digital Media with a focus in Audio Production. To me, Iron Town is just a chance to blow off some steam while giving people a fun time. Dan and I both have great jobs, and we have no interest in doing music full time. As far as we’re concerned, this band is “just for fun.” Dan, your turn.


Hey guys, Dan Wait here. I also grew up playing music: piano, keys, and brass. But I always had the itch to drum. I was the nerd you knew in school that was in all the bands (jazz, marching, symphonic) and just decided to keep the music theme going into college. After further experience and training in live, recording, and music performance, I cut my teeth working at Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, IN. After all that, I now work in higher education doing more tech related stuff. I never lost the itch to play. Tom and I are working hard on balancing life, producing quality music, and having some fun with new friends. We hope to see you soon!